Rules and Regulations

1. Definition. 
The terms exhibitor’ shall include employees, servants and agents of any company partnership firm or individual whom space is allocated for the purpose of exhibiting. The term ‘’organizer’’ shall mean Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA).

2. Application for Participation.
All applications of participation shall be made on the Uganda International Trade Fair application form and mailed to the address provided in the contact section.

3. Sale of Exhibits.
Exhibitors may sale goods at the fair grounds but this will be subjected to the Uganda Customs regulations and written permission of the Organizer. Sale of the goods shall be confined to each exhibitor’s stall only. Under no circumstances should the exhibitor, sell his products from any other place other than his / her stall.

4. Importation and Re-exportation of exhibits. A list of  should be prepared and shown to the customs Authority at the point of entry, and goods will be re-exported within the period stipulated by the Uganda Revenue Authority, and duty shall be paid on any missing items not satisfactorily accounted for.

5. Opening and Closing Stand.
All exhibitors are required to adhere to the following rules: To open at 9.00am and remain open during the official hours of the show up to 6.00pm each day.  Inform the organizer if you cannot continue exhibiting as soon as possible.

6. Ferrying of Exhibits.
It is only after 6.00am up to 9.00am that vehicles ferrying exhibits, replenishment and removal of empty containers etc., will be allowed in the show Grounds. Exhibitors are required to adhere to these terms.

7. Objectionable noise.
Exhibitors must contain any loud making apparatus within their stand/s. plot/s. No live band will be allowed on any stand before 4.00pm other than those on in the promotion and beverage area.

8. Terms and conditions of payment.
If any exhibitor does not fulfill his financial obligations, UMA may retain the exhibits and stand fitting sell them by public auction or on the open market at the exhibitors expense.

9. Cancellation of participation.
A cancellation of participation can be accepted only on condition that it has been submitted in writing up to the time-limit of submitting application forms for participation that is two months before the fairs opening or the advance payment if forfeited. For cancellation reaching the fair beyond this last deadline the exhibitor is to pay the balance if his/her space is not allocated to another exhibitor.

10. Visas.
Exhibitors shall be responsible for obtaining visas as may be required to enable them and their servants, agents, representatives’ invitees or others to attend the Exhibition and in no event shall there be any claim for damages or otherwise against the organizer in the respect of any loss or expense relating thereto.

11. Entrance of Exhibitors.
Each Exhibitor is entitled to two (2) Exhibition cards free of charge. These cards are nominal and strictly personal. Exchanged cards will be confiscated at the entrance. Additional cards requested by the Exhibitor are provided by the Trade Fair Management, at its own discretion at a price to be determined by the organizer. Exhibitors should provide passport size photographs to be appended on the exhibitors’ card. 

12. Cars/ Vehicles parking.
No car / Vehicles shall be allowed to park in the exhibition area. Cars / Vehicles will be parked in the designated parking areas only, at the owner’s risk. 

13. Special Events.
If you intend to organize a party or other type of event at your exhibition stand, you are required to notify the trade fair organizers.

14. Admission.
Any individual, domestic or foreign manufacturers, trading company service undertaking or any firm authorized by a manufacturer to exhibit its products/ services is admissible as an exhibitor. Exhibition of arms, ammunition and explosives is prohibited.

15. Security.
The organizer shall take reasonable security precautions in the interest of exhibitors and visitors. However, the organizer shall not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage of exhibits.

16. Failure of service.
The organizer shall not be liable for any loss sustained by the exhibitor directly or indirectly attributed to the cancellation, suspension or alteration of the scheduled Trade fair form the period advertised or specified due to: Force majeure, acts of war, military activity, law by national state, local government or civil authority requisition, fire, flood, tempest or excessively inclement weather, earthquake or combination of the same, damaged caused by an aerial object, or aircraft and strikes or lockouts by workers. 
In the event of the exhibition being cancelled or postponed, the fees paid to the organizer or any part thereof may be refunded to the Exhibitor at the sole discretion of the organizer but without prejudice to the organizers right to appropriate the entire sum of any part thereof to cover expenses.

17. Insurance Liability. 
All exhibitors shall insure, indemnify and hold the organizer and the respective building owners harmless in respect of all costs, claims demands and expenses to which they may be subject as a result of loss, injury arising to any person however caused while the persons are upon or examining or passing the exhibition stand during the tenancy of the exhibition and loss or damage to any property caused by the exhibitor or employee and agents.

18. Contract. 
Exhibitors shall not reassign the contract without the express consent of the organizer.

19. Supplementary Clauses. 
Whenever necessary the organizer shall have the right to issue rules and regulations in addition to those herein and they shall be binding on the exhibition.

20. Public Utilities.

  • Electricity, Exhibitors can apply for additional electricity power on the basis of the existing tariffs, exhibitors wishing to have electricity installed in their stands should contact management UMA show grounds. Contact details as stated above. Exhibitors supplied with electricity without meters will receive their bills from the organizer. The bills are to be settled before the exhibitor/s is cleared to leave the show Grounds after the Fair.
  • Telephone and Telefax. Each exhibitor shall apply for a telephone and or telefax which will be provided and charged on the basis of a tariff determined by the Telecommunication provider. Exhibitors wishing to have telephone / Telefax installed in their stand should contact the Trade Fair manager at least 20 days before the fair commences.
  • Rubbish/ Garbage. The organizer will be responsible for removal of garbage in the dustbins that are located in strategic places within the show Grounds. This excludes any building materials which are the responsibility of the exhibitors. Exhibitors are required to keep their stalls in good and clean condition.

21. Health Regulations.
Any exhibitor wishing to dispense food drinks to their visitors, clients / customers must first obtain written consent from organizer.
Under no circumstance shall paraffin or easy inflammable or explosive products be sold or stored or displayed in the stalls. Any one who contravenes this article will be liable to a fine of 100$ and full cost of the damage that may arise and shall also be liable for prosecution.

22. Fire.
The Uganda Fire Brigade recommends that all exhibitors furnish their stands with fire extinguishers, which will be greatly helpful before the arrival of the fire engine in case of fire.

23. Obstruction of Gangways and Open space.
No exhibitor shall at any time obstruct or allow to be obstructed by their goods or in other manner. Gangways, passages, open spaces or pathways must be left clear. Failure to observe this regulation may result into disciplinary action to be determined by the organizer.

24. Removal of Temporary stands and Exhibitions.
Temporary stands and exhibits MUST be removed not later than seven (7) days after the end of the trade fair, thereafter, participants will be required to pay penalty to be determined by the organizer. Storage of exhibits in the open area will not be permitted after the close of the fair, and a penalty will be levied to the culprits.

25. Arbitration.
Any dispute difference of question which may arise any time hereafter between the organizer and the exhibitor touching on the construction of the TERMS OF THE CONTRACT or the right and liabilities of the parties hereto shall be decided by in Arbitrator to be chosen by the organizer in Kampala.

Sponsors for the Uganda International Tradefair 2023

Total Energies
Stanbic Bank
Uganda Insurers Association
Tembo Steels Limited
Science Technology and Innovation Secretariat

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